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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by wxman, Jun 15, 2008.

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    My server I've been working on crashed while I was upgrading to the newest Ubuntu server version. I was running ISPConfig on the previous version, along with a few test web sites, mailserver, Bind, Mysql, etc. I'm going to do a clean install of the Ubuntu 8.04 server, and I was wondering if it would work if I could make a backup copy of the old ISPconfig directories, and copy them straight onto the new server? I've never tried to do a clean install onto a working system, and I'm just trying to save as much as I can.

    Also, is there any recommendations for a better way to partition the drive so this sort of thing might not happen again?
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  3. wxman

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    I have only one drive available for now, that's why I was looking into a partition plan. I think the drive is 160 or 180 GB drive. I'm not near the computer right now.

    I used your tutorial on the perfect server setup to make my first one using Ubuntu 6.06, and I just read through the one for 8.04. So here's a strange question. If I wanted to use LVM, and partition it so the OS is on a separate partition from the data and software (like ISPConfig), where do I do that in the install steps? Also, I don't think I've ever noticed how to tell Linux at a command line to install an application on a certain partition.

    I looked at the link you suggested, and that sounds like it might work. The problem I see right off is that MYsql server won't be running, so I can't back up the databases.
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    During the partitioning in the basic installation.

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