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    Server is up and running now after some experiments with centos 7.4, ubuntu 16.04, and Debian 9 i stick to Debian 9 now.
    For all what i need i found best tutorials for Debian. Ubuntu is second place in my order because of some configuration problems i couldnt solve by myself. NGINX Debian 9 & ISPConfig 3.1.11

    OK so far so good. For now i want to get more familiar with the usage of ISPConfig.
    First of all i want to copy Databases for testing websites.
    I know i can copy databases using phpmyadmin, but doing this the database is not listed in ISPConfig (for usage with new Website e.g.)
    how do you copy databases?

    in my example i have old typo3 6.2 which i have to upgrade to 7.6 or even 8
    typo362 running with database typo362
    making new website (empty one) in iscponfig and making database there i believe i can manage

    is there any built in function where i can copy whole websites like in plesk?

    Thank you in advance. Markus
  2. till

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    Create a database in ispconfig and then import the data with mysql command or phpmyadmin whatever data you want to have in that database.

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