converting the code generated by quickly into .deb file

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  1. zvivek

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    guys i created a software using quickly into ubuntu now i want to convert it into a seperate package .deb file.

    being a starter at this so my software only displays the php files stored in the system on click of a button.

    i want to know what is ppa and launchpad[/B]
    and how can i use it for getting a .deb file
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  3. zvivek

    zvivek New Member

    thanks man i went through the article but i will sugest u to checkout quickly stuff as it is very simple involves very few steps to make packages say 3 steps or commands.
    howsoever in youtube people have errorenous ways of packing but in some they hv showd the right way of doing it!!!! :)
  4. zvivek

    zvivek New Member

    how to modify existing software in linux

    i want to learn how to modify any software package in ubuntu can u please show me the way i.e the software packages required

    Here modyfing means changing source code of existing software
    It will very helpful if u can gv me a link tat provides all and correct steps

    Thanks fr sharing
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