Control panel for falko virtual mail postfix/mysql?

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by yowzator, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. yowzator

    yowzator New Member

    Using falko's howto, I have a postfix/mysql/spamassassin/etc mail server configured on Fedora 6.

    My clients would like to be able to change their password and update their spamassassin settings (whitelist, spam threshold, etc.).

    What is the recommended way to provide these features? Can squirrelmail or something similar be installed?

    Note that this is a dedicated mail server. There are no user accounts on the server or ssh access for any clients. My clients are used to having their imap mail in their user directory, so they are now concerned that they can only access via pop3 or imap and not ftp/ssh/etc.

    Any solutions for this? I'm doing rsnapshot backups of the mail server, so I'm thinking of giving readonly access to the snapshots for users. But mapping from real users to virtual users might be tricky.

    Also, a control panel for adding/removing users and forwarders would be nice -- not myPHPadmin. Something that would let users only manage their own domains, not anyone's. Does such a thing exist?

    Hopefully these problems have already been solved. But if not I'll be building something to help with these issues.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Maybe you selected the wrong howto for your purpose. If you would have used one of the perfects etup guides together with ISPConfig, you would have got the functionality that you requested as ISPconfig 2 uses real system accounts where yoou are able to enable FTP and SSH access. ISPConfig also provides the ability to set spamassassin settings per user account.

    If you will stay with your virtual setup, have a look at the ISPConfig 3 alpha versions which use a setup similar to the one described in falkos howto.
  3. ^Duffy^

    ^Duffy^ New Member

    I am actually working on a control panel for that setup.
    it will allow domain administrators ([email protected]) to add/modify/delete users and forwards.

    Users can modify their password and view some email statistics.

    I'm not sure how I am going to implement per-user spamassassin settings yet, but once I figured it out, it will also be included.
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  4. yowzator

    yowzator New Member

    Thanks for your ideas and I appreciate your helpful response. However, in my case I believe picked the right setup. I do not want to have real system users for mail. And I understand that this will cause some problems when migrating existing users. But having a dedicated mail server without real users is very important for many reasons in my situation. My inquiry is to see if someone had made a control panel for the setup that I used.

    Thanks again!
  5. yowzator

    yowzator New Member

    That sounds great! I have a few questions:

    Will this be an open source solution?
    How far along are you at this time?
    What technologies are you using to build it?
    Is there a blog, mailing list, or something else so I can monitor progress?

    Also, I assume you first searched for any existing solutions. Did you find some and they just didn't meet your needs? Or does nothing exist? If there is anything available, what and where are they?

  6. ^Duffy^

    ^Duffy^ New Member

    I will most probably release it under the GNU General Public License
    I will hopefully have a beta ready for testing in about a week, but I several other projects to work on as well, so no guarantees.
    PHP5, since this is installed on most webservers today. There might also be some small scripts written in Perl.
    I am setting up a TRAC installation for it in an hour or two and I'll be sure to send you the URl.

    I did a quick search, but couldnt find any. This does not mean there are no other solutions out there. I have however been asked by several friends to write a simple control panel for their email servers since they have not found any existing solutions (at least none that would work for them)

    Your welcome ;)
  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    We released a controlpanel for your setup already, it is the new version 3 of ISPConfig, the email part is completely finished incl. individual spam setups per eccount. You can download it here:
  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You seem to not have been searched very much as it has been posted in this forum several times ;)
  9. ^Duffy^

    ^Duffy^ New Member

    Well, I never said I did :) I basically decided to start on my own before I even did a couple of search's :)
  10. johnnyq

    johnnyq New Member

    I myself am extremely interested in this Postfix control panel, I was going to write up some quick script in perl for users to change their password, but if you gotta solution going im gonna hold back. soo Duffy do u have a beta or something i could try or how long do u think you will have a release.
  11. ^Duffy^

    ^Duffy^ New Member

    A pm is on its way to you now.

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