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Discussion in 'General' started by nhybgtvfr, Aug 20, 2018.

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    running ispconfig 3.1.12 multi-server on ubuntu 16.04 (cp), (upgrading/migrating to new servers running ubuntu 18.04 in next couple of weeks)
    most sites are spread across 5 shared webservers, using a single shared database server. some clients have a dedicated webserver/database server.
    phpmyadmin is installed on every webserver, and the configured phpmyadmin link is /phpmyadmin
    to date, the link has been disabled in the db list in the interface. the control panel is installed on it's own dedicated server.
    i'm now looking at enabling that db list link, but just using /phpmyadmin, it loads the url https://<control panel FQDN>:8080/phpmyadmin
    but this servers ip does not get added to the list of allowed remote access ip's when a database is created.
    I've tried setting the link to [SERVERNAME]/phpmyadmin
    but when clicking on the link then, it opens a new tab using the link https://<control_panel_FQDN>:8080/sites/<FQDN_of_websites_DB_server>/phpmyadmin

    shouldn't that link be http(s)://<FQDN of webserver>/phpmyadmin or http(s)://<FQDN of websites DB server>/phpmyadmin,
    or even, considering the website itself should always have db access, http(s)://<FQDN of website>/phpmyadmin

    is this a problem/bug with the link creation? is something misconfigured? how do I fix this? or ensure that the ip of the server running the ispconfig interface is always added to the remote server ip list the same way that the specific webserver ip is automatically added when a remote database is created for a website?

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  3. nhybgtvfr

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    ok, cool, thanks Till. thought the http was automatically added.
    all working now (at least on the client dedicated servers). the shared db server is purely a db server, no apache or phpmyadmin is installed on there at all at the moment. are [SERVERNAME] and [DATABASENAME] the only placeholders available for this?
    is there nothing like [WEBSITE] available so it creates the link http://<website url>/phpmyadmin
    customers are told that phpmyadmin and webmail is available by appending /phpmyadmin or /webmail onto their website url already,
    would be nice if the link in the interface matched with that.
    i'd really rather not install a webserver on a dedicated database server and expose another port on it.

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