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  1. Hi,
    first of all, thanks to all who me supported in setting up a new ISPConfig Mailserver. I now have the following task:
    We have a lot of Debian Servers with old Versions of ISPConfig (Debian 6,7,8 and 9 and ISPCONFIG 3.x). My first task was to set up the new mailserver. Now comes the second task: Consolidating the existing user base onto the new server. My first try was rather manual - create new accounts on the new server via the ISPConfig Interface and then I needed to help the users via teamviewer to access the new account on the new server. As soon as that was done I changed the MX record to point to the new server. Voila!
    Problem: They wont have access to their old IMAP-Mailboxes anymore as soon as we send the old server into retirement. What I want is to copy the contents of their old Mailbox in an "Old Mailbox" Subfolder on their new account. I know there is an ISPConfig migration tool, but I dont know if this is a task I could do with that.

    I know of which is nearly what I need. The Problem: The originating user and the new user have the same mail address, just on different servers. The main question is: Has anybody integrated old into new dovecot imap mailboxes, ideally with standard unix tools like rsync, cat etc. ? Something someone with more clue about dovecot could write a oneliner for.

    Yours Sincerely
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    The migration till would make the whole process easier but not needing to set things up manually, but in the end uses I believe rsync to transfer the actual mail data, which you can also use for manually created accounts. rsync will not change what folders the old mail is in though, you'll have to move the messages manually, eg. with the mv command or I think doveadm is the tool which can manage mail at a higher level (via folders).
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