Connection problem when adding sites and dns records

Discussion in 'General' started by Jepso, May 10, 2013.

  1. Jepso

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    I'm trying to add several sites (each having 1 Zone, 4 A-records, 4 NS-records and 1 MX-record), but sometimes couple of these will fail.
    Sites that I'm trying to add are identical in almost every way. Only difference usually is top level domain (com, net, info etc.).

    Here is how this process goes:

    Loop each site {
    dns_a_add; (x4)
    dns_ns_add; (x4)

    Failure might occur at any phase of this process.

    Here are some of the errors I have receive:
    • SoapClient::__doRequest() [soapclient.--dorequest]: SSL: Connection reset by peer
    • SoapClient::__doRequest() [soapclient.--dorequest]: Failed to enable crypto
    • SoapClient::__doRequest() [soapclient.--dorequest]: connect() failed: Unspecified error
    • SoapClient::__doRequest() [soapclient.--dorequest]: connect() failed: Connection refused

    Here is some more information.
    Adding zone failed right after successful login and SOAP faultstring contained this: "The Session is expired or does not exist." How is this possible?
    Another faultstring for some other add failure contained: Could not connect to host.

    This problem seems to only affect adding. Getting stuff works like a charm.

    Any help is appreciated. :)
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  2. till

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    The session is stored in the remote session table, so it should not disappera and i did not had that problm yet.

    Regarding the connect to host issue, when you add several sites in a loop and the server were you added the site is the same server that runs the controlpanel interface then it can happen that apache gets resaterted or reloaded while you are connected.

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