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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by gublym, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. gublym

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    I found the following howto to set up my own mail server, I think i do everything rigth, step by step, but now when i ttry to login the mail server via squirrelmail, the server answer me this error:

    "Connection dropped by IMAP server."

    i dont think the promblem is in the connection whit the mysql DB, becose if i put another nick to login or i put the pass wrong, the server answer me the username or password incorret...

    If you can help me, i would really appreciate it a lot ! thanks!!
  2. falko

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    Did you send a welcome mail to that account?

    Are there any errors in the mail log?
  3. gublym

    gublym New Member

    Yes, i did it

    Yes i send a wellcome mail, but, i dont know where is the mail log....

    look, is the first time trying to set ut the servermail, so, i donk know a lot of thing, but if you show me where is the log file, i can post it, i would like to fix the problem..and thank for your post...
  4. marpada

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  5. gublym

    gublym New Member

    This is the info.log

    ok, i found this log i think is this one, i don't gonna put the whole log, because is to bigger, but i think this is nesesary to help me...

    ok, i was reading the info.log, and i found 2 errors, (i think so), the fisrt one, if you can see, i try to send a mail to my account from gmail, and i could not do it, you can check it...the second one, the log say that can't find a pablo directory or something like that...i dont know if that is the problem, but please if you know, i would appreciate your help a lot ! thanks!!

    P.D. Sorry for my english, i'm mexican...Thank
  6. topdog

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    You are unable to send to google because your port 25 outbound connection is being blocked by some kind of firewall or by your service provider.

    Some service providers block port 25 and require that you use their smtp servers only, in that case you will have to configure postfix as a smarthost.

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