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  1. mayhem

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    Hi, im not sure that ISPconfig is what i was looking for, maybe someone could help me out here.
    I want something thats a little easyer than editing alot of config files manualy.

    I would like to be able to add a user to my box and at the same time add the user to my:
    Proftpd (with his own "incoming" upload dir, and 1 or 2 dirs with only read premissions (i have a mounted directory with music on it that i would like to share to some users)).
    Apache2 with his own virtual host ( where he can have his own homepage with upload rights and all that.
    BIND9 with his username as host (

    I thought ISPconfig could do all this for me, but i might be wrong, correct me if i am wrong, cause i havnt been reading ALL the information about it.

    Maybe a script or some other web interface admin type thing.

    Many thanks in advance //Marcus

    Edit: would webmin work out better for me perhaps? Im willing to give that a try.
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  2. till

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    Generally, ISPConfig can do this. But be aware that ISPConfig uses its own directory strucrurem so you can not point the FTP user to a specvial directory, instead ISPConfig will create a new directory for the user. Also ISPConfig FTP directories are always readable.
  3. mayhem

    mayhem New Member

    Ok, thanks for your answer, ill change to Webmin now i think.
    Been looking at its information all day and im pretty sure its more of what i need. :)

    Unless someone else has another way? :rolleyes:

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