Confused with ISPC3 web and ftp quotas...

Discussion in 'General' started by ignasigarcia, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. ignasigarcia

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    Hi there!

    What's the proper way of hadling web quotas in ISPC3? It seems that if I set a quota of 200MB for a web site in the control panel it is a filemsystem quota. However, I must also set up an FTP account for the webmaster of that site, and then I have the option to setup an FTP quota as well, which I do not understand well how this works:

    Are those FTP quotas filesystem based too, or are they pseudo quotas handled only by the FTP daemon?

    How do you handle this in your servers? As of now, I'm just setting quotas for the web site, and ftp quotas are being left as -1, because if ftp quotas are not filesystem based (again, can somebody confirm or deny this to me, please?), setting quotas could lead to miscounts if people setup websites with php-based upload/download/deletion of files.


  2. till

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    They are pseudo quotas handled by the ftp daemon. Just let them at -1 if you dont want to limit a single ftp user to an amount that is smaller then the 200 MB website quota.

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