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  1. brunski

    brunski New Member

    What is the best way to proceed:

    This is my situation:

    1. My ISPConfig is behind a router
    2. I have my ISP configured as the perfect server for ubuntu 8.04

    I'd like to install a website (i know how to do this) using a FQDN - and i want this website to be accessible from the internet as well as my private network.

    As of right now, the Name Servers are configured as with my ISP, and the domain name is being forwarded towards my IP address (set as a dyndns address)

    So my question basically is - what do i do so when i enter my domain name in a browser (inside or outside my house) i end up in my website?

    My router is forwarding the ports 80, 81 (for ISPC) 53 and 22

    Please let me know - i'm totally new at this

    Thanks in advance
  2. mcardo

    mcardo New Member

    First call your Internet service company and ask them if they allow incoming requests on port 80, If they don't ask them to open it, also port 25 is usually blocked, but for HTTP you only need 80. (I found my port 80 was being blocked and that was the reason why I couldn't access my website from outside)

    I take it you have everything correctly configured? If you are not sure I suggest you be a little more detailed as to what errors you're getting or anything you might be unsure of pertaining the configuration (what hostname, servername, IP addresses to use and where)

    Usually you create a client, then a website where the host=www, domain=yourdomain, ip=your public ip

    If you have everything correctly configured when you type the IP of the server (either local or public) you should get an ISPConfig page saying "this is a shared IP, please type the address instead"
    When you enter you should get a similar page, but saying someting like "This is the index page of your website"...

    I'm having problems myself making my server the Authoritative server for the domain and at the same time the DNS server. =(
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  3. brunski

    brunski New Member

    Well actually i have no issues nor errors with the creating of the website.

    1. i created the website within ISPConfig -no problem
    2. access the site within private network -no problem
    3. access the site from outside the network -this is when i have issues

    Since my website is in the private network, i configured the site in ISPConfig without DNS and DNS MX

    Since i was having issues i deleted the site from ISPCOnfig so i can start from the begining.

    At this point i'm using the NS server at my domain registrar -
    the only thing i'm doing different is that if you try to go to i'm forwarding to my ip address at my house, but it doesnt hit the website (even when i had it running in ISPConfig.

    Right now it just goes into the apache server initial page (because it's forwarded)

    SO how do you let the Name Servers that my site will be residing at such and such address and having my own DNS server at home pointing to the riggh direction?

    Thanks in advance

  4. mcardo

    mcardo New Member

    Again, you need to eliminate this issue to start working on other variables, ask your ISP whether you have ports 80 and 25 blocked or not. If not then you can start working on configuring your machine.

    This tutorial shows how to configure two DNS servers under the registrar Godaddy, you probably have a different registrar and even if you have godaddy the interface now has changed but the terms remain the same so you shouldn't have too much trouble knowing where to go or what to change: <--- Using your own 2 DNS servers and the registrar's (godaddy in this case) server as the authritative domain controller. <---Using your own DNS server and one of the registrars DNS servers also having the registrar (in this case providerdomain) as your authoritative domain controller.

    DNS configuration:
    I would use my server and one of your registrars default servers my primary and secondary dns servers. Make sure they are listed under management>server>settings>DNS and also under DNS manager>options.

    Under DNS manager all IP boxes should have your public IP and not your lan

    Under management>server>settings
    Servername=w/e it was when you installed ISPconfig (mine is server1)
    host=keep it the same as your servername (don't use www if you want to have www as one of your websites because when you create the website, it is going to say that www is in use)
    IP=your lan ip (because you're behind a router forwarding to your server)

    When you create your website it should have your lan IP.

    Under DNS manager>records
    You will find this in the guide.

    Follow the guides above for the most part, if you have questions come back here.

    This website will help you diagnose your DNS server/s:
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  5. brunski

    brunski New Member

    Thank you mcardo,
    I believe this will help me sort out my dilema.

    Just so you know - i do have 80 / 25 ports open and unblocked by my isp. So this part is no problem.

    I just was trying to create an NS record with my registrar, but for some reason it doesnt allow me (like godaddy's tutorial) to do so, it just lets me create an A Record to an IP address - I have 1and1 as my registrar.

    it looks like this:

    Domain name
    IP address (A record)  [COLOR="Red"](should I create this record with my IP address?)[/COLOR]
    Name server 1 
    Name server 2 
    Mail server 1, 10 
    Mail server 2, 10 
    my other option is:

    [B]Advanced DNS Settings[/B]
    Primary name server:_____________________ [COLOR="Red"](IP address only)[/COLOR]
    Secondary name server My secondary name server_________________[COLOR="Red"](IP address only)[/COLOR]
    Please note: If you want to use the 1&1 secondary name server, 
    your primary name server must allow a zone transfer 
    (AXFR) for the following name server: [IP =]
    1st secondary name server ________________________ 
    2nd secondary name server  ________________________ 
    3rd secondary name server  ________________________ 
    IP address (A record) * 1&1 IP AddressOther IP address 

    So, if i go with the 2nd option, should i put my ip address ( for the Primary Name Server and 1and1 Name Sever for the 1st secondary? just as in the godaddy tutorial buy without the NS1 designation?

    Sorry for my very basic questions, but i'm new to DNS.

  6. mcardo

    mcardo New Member

    lol. I, myself, have been having trouble getting my server to work as DNS.

    I had a hard time finding the place to add my server as a DNS server using WAN IP and Hostname (what they call a glue record) under godaddy. Turns out they call it Host. So if you see anything that says "add host" under your 1and1 management web interface try it.

    Based on the tutorials I've read...

    On your first option The A record should have:
    host: <-------------This is how I, at least, get my web page to work. Also add the follwoing A records "www" to your
    to ip: your WAN IP <----------------WAN IP or just add the " * " to your WAN IP so that every prefix gets directed to your server

    That way when you try to browse 1and1 will direct the request to your router and from your router to your server (because you have forarded port 80 to your server).

    I stop here.

    I have my server configured so that it works as nameserver but If my Godaddy DNS server doesn't have A records pointing www to my ip my server, even though it does have "www" to my IP, won't answer with that piece of information, therefore can't get my index page. Same with the other A records I need. If my godaddy DNS server doesn't have them my server, having them, will not do the job.
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  7. brunski

    brunski New Member

    well, you wouldn't believe it, but i bought a new domain on godaddy and i was able to do what follow the godaddy tut.
    With the other acct i'm still strugling to get dns working. But that's mostly because of the limitations with the registrar and my lack of knowledge to make it work. But so far i'm happy with my new domain and ipconfig working.

    Now i have to figure out my email -
    So far i'm able to receive emails but not send. If i send them from my new domain, they kind of get lost in nomans land - i dont receive them at the other end, but i also dont get any errors...

    i'll keep on digging the forum -maybe somebody posted a solution. I'll post this question if i find no answers here - btw - is
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  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Are there any errors in your mail log?

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