Configuring one more server for mysql

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by diegopires, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. diegopires

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    I had a server with all services for the ISPConfig .

    Today I up a new machine, for the server database .

    I did the steps in this tutorial:
    Actually did only part of configuring the mysql server and also the part of configuring the master server , making the mysql service and only enabling the new server.

    After that I tried to create a database for a client and it worked normally. Created on the new server .

    My questions are: Can I migrate existing dbs to the new server ?
    In fact I 've even done the dump to the new server , but can not change the ISPConfig database to the new server .

    Another question : I tried to install a package via APS Installer , and it did not work . He does not give any error message, just does not create the files and the database .

    I searched for similar questions here on the forum but found nothing about it.

    Can anyone help me ?
  2. diegopires

    diegopires New Member

    My biggest problem is APS Installer stop working. :(

    No errors display in screen... And i look the errors logs and not show anything.

    Im still looking for a solution in forum/google and cant resolve this... :confused:

    Ah... Sorry my bad english... :mad:

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