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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by greatPJ, Sep 15, 2006.

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    Hey guys,
    I installed ISPConfig on one server(server 1) and also tried to install it onto another server(server 2) but accessing the same database as on server 1. I manage to access the database. But the only thing is that when I want to acess all the details of customers and websites that are physically on server 1 by the ispconfig portal on server 2 I don't see anything. How do I make it so that there is only 1 mysql database and 2 servers so that I can use both the servers. 1 as a backup and the other as a normal. Please help.

    P.S: Hope you guys can understand the problem.
    If not here is a more simple explanation:

    ISPCONFIG PORTAL (SERVER 1)-----------
    - >mysqld DATABASE ( SERVER 1 )
    ISPCONFIG PORTAL (SERVER 2)-----------
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  2. sjau

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    Either you need to alter the privileges (in MySQL) of the user that you have been trying so far from localhost to anyhost or localhost and the ip of your other server.

    OR you create a new mysql user and give him specific access to access the server from anywhere or from the other ip only and grant him access to the ISPConfig db...

    All this can be done quite easily in phpMyAdmin
  3. greatPJ

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    Thanks mate. Let me try it.

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