Configure postfix to send and receive mail through ISP?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by xstax, Feb 12, 2010.

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    My setup is 2 x Ubuntu 9.10 (x64) servers with ISPConfig 3 installed as per the very clear how-to posted by Falko:


    I have never run a mail server successfully before and I need help with configuration. I have a static IP.

    1. My ISP allows two methods of routing mail - the information is here: They also are willing to help if I decide to run my own system but I'd rather use their service.

    Can someone please help me with how to configure serverB.mydomain2.tld to use this service. For example - how do I configure postfix ..

    2. I want to direct all mails from serverA.mydomain1.tld to serverB.mydomain2.tld internally (behind my router) and I wish to send out (to the WAN) and receive mails (from the WAN) on serverB.mydomain2.tld only. Will this be possible?

    3. When setting up a DNS zone in ISPConfig 3 I notice that the control panel very handily sets up a number of "records" by default. Are there any more records I need to set up for mail boxes?

    I hope my questions are clear. All help much appreciated. :confused:
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