Configure of unusually sub domains by ISPC 2.35 and mail system of them

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    Dear Mr. Till and to Falco,
    Please, for your professional help on ISPConfig 2. Half-year I read in Internet detachment in various published advices, but did not find suitable solutions to my problems.

    How do ISPConfig 2 sub domains by the type:
    1). xyz.mydomain.tld, which use your home directory and database;
    2). Also have their own smtp. maydomain.tld (if so permitted ISPC) and mail. maydomain.tld
    3.) If ISPConfig 2 precludes how I can create this domain use smtp and pop(mail) the main maydomain.tld


    This web server will serve mainly Joomla sites for various reseller sites for which should be made to enable smtp.maydomain.tld site using PHP mail function for sending mail through own SMTP server.
    In one system with MTA Postfix how many SMTP servers can I run?
    Please help make configuration fail for postfix for one or more of smtp.mail for all registered domains and describe how to be organized and database to verify the user name and password (smtp.mydomain.tld)

    My questions to you and yours decisions of this problem will be help many peoples.

    Finally thank you in advance for the help that I'd proved.

    With best regards

    Configure of unusually sub domains by ISPC 2.35 and mail system of them
  2. falko

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    Just go to the Co-Domains tab of the mydomain.tld web site in ISPConfig and create the subdomain xyz.mydomain.tld.

    Just create DNS records for smtp and mail that point to your ISPConfig server.

    Postfix is an SMTP server, so you don't have to install any other SMTP servers. Postfix can handle all your various domains.

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