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    I installed ubuntu server and ispconfig to the letter here

    I have registerd domain at neoserv the nameserver go to afreaid dns from there they are routed to my home IP (linux server). I can acess this page nice and SquirrelMail works too. I add a new mail user to ispconfig and acess it form SquirrelMail i cen send mail bot not recive eny the address i just recives a mail with an error unknow user alenl.

    Secound works but how do i add ftp user i saw some add website and add frp user but its in a strage folder.

    Must i chenge DNS recordes or what?
    The server is hosted at home
    I use UBUNTU 9.10
    Internet conection and ports are all set!

    PLISSSSS help me
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    Please take a look at the mail.log and post the exact error messages from there.

    Just add a new ftp user. It is automatically in the correct directotry, so do not try to change the path! The website files have to be uploaded to the "web" subfolder.
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    The file is HUGE 5061 lines
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    Also the domain opens the index html in folder /var/www but whan i add new website the ftp is in /var/www/????????/???????. I cen add new clients nicely and IspConfig makes nice symlink. But how to acess /var/www via ftp. If i chenge the ftp root to some other folder i have only reed acess.

    I'm shore that the problem is with dns or something. Cen you post a noob tutorial how to set DNS with afraid.

    And what do i set the hostname shown in tutorial
    vi /etc/hosts

    The domain is routed to afraid and from there to my home ip.
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