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    I've managed to install ISPConfig 2 and make it work. I have questions regarding the DNS setup.

    My actual scenario looks like following...

    I have an server at a broadband operator company. This server, containing ISPConfig2, has the IP address (just example) ''. I have registered two domain names of which one I want to use for the server itself and one that is to be a client. The intended server domain name (just example) is: ''. The client domain name is: ''.

    I told the domain registrar, when ordering the domains, to point the DNS server IP (NS1 and NS2) to my server with the ISPConfig2 ( for both domains. That is because I run my own DNS server with the ISPConfig2 setup.

    My first question is...
    Under 'DNS Manager' / 'DNS Entry' / 'Options'...
    -What shall I enter in the fields 'Nameserver 1' and 'Nameserver 2'?

    Shall I enter the IP address to the DNS server from my Service Provider (broadband company where the server is located) or shall I enter the IP address of my own DNS server (

    Second question:
    -How do I use the "Slave DNS" under 'DNS Manager'?

    Third question:
    Do I need to have an external ISP provided DNS server to hold the DNS information for the domain name I want to use for the ISPConfig server itself ( or can it be handled by the DNS server that is used by ISPConfig2?

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    That worked just fine! :)

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