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    I've just set up the Perfect Server using Ubuntu Hardy Heron, and have installed Ispconfig2. I am now moving on to configuring Ispconfig. I am meaning to use the server in my lan only as it will be used for testing sites, rather than being for live sites on the Internet. It will also give me time to learn about Ispconfig. My questions are therefore:

    In server settings - DNS, do I just leave the IP address set as the IP address of the server on my local network?

    Also, I was meaning to enter the name of the server in the /etc/hosts file of my work PC so that I can access the server by using the URL. I think I will also need to enter the names of any sites I test in here as well, or is there a way I can add the server into /etc/resolv.conf so that my PC uses my server as a DNS server on my lan?

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    You can either use the approach with the /etc/hosts file on your workstation or you add the IP address of your ispconfig server in the resolv.conf file on your workstation, so that it is queried for the domains.
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    Great, thanks.

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