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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by scottrill2, Feb 4, 2011.

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    Ok so I have ISPConfig 3 up and running, and I have been reading the manual and slowly going through all the pages options etc. I have ran into a few questions that I couldn't understand or see in the manual.

    They are:

    1. If I only have a a handful of websites for the family and use Godaddy for DNS stuff, can I disable the DNS service under "System Server Services". Will anything else like email forwarding or aliases etc need the DNS service to be running in ISPConfig 3? I do have mx records set up at godaddy as well so I do receive mail, but havent set up any aliases, forwarding etc. Or I guess a better way to phrase the question would be: Is there any feature of ISPConfig 3 that depends on DNS service to function?

    2. How much resources does the DNS service take? What about VServer-Server service? I am not using openvz machines or whatever they are called. Will disabling these give me any worthwhile performance gains or should I just leave them running. Also are they vulnerable to attack if I leave them on but do not use them?

    3. In the network settings there are a couple notes of interest:
    a. My netmask is yet ISPConfig 3 shows it as

    b. My nameservers in resolv.conf are & but ISPConfig 3 shows them as & (also my private network in my gateway is actually like, I dont use any of the 192 network numbers) Is this a problem and should I change them to match what is in resolv.conf and network interfaces?

    My final question deals with usernames. My sites for the most part will be used by family. I will not have "clients" or "resellers". One thing I was not crazy about in ISPConfig 2 was the "Linux" usernames mentioned in the manual. It was hard to explain to my 8 year old nephew Jayd why his username to log into FTP so he could upload photos was "web1_Jayd" lol He couldn't understand why I couldnt just give him the username "Jayd". So with ISPConfig 3 I can do away with that as I understand it by clearing the "Prefix fields" under the "System > Interface Config" area.

    Now here is my question:

    Assuming I have 2 sites my nephew accesses. As an example:

    Site 1 (His personal site)
    DB name: jayd1

    Site 2 (the site for the whole family)
    DB name: family1

    Can I create him a ftp and DB user account named "jayd" at both sites? or will it count as a duplicate and return an error when I try and create those usernames on Site 2?

    Thanks as always for the help folks,

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    You can switch off the DNS server if your DNS records are hosted somewhere else. :)

    It'S always best to run as few services as you need (performance- and security-wise). If you don't need these two, switch them off.

    You can ignore these settings if you didn't configure ISPConfig to configure your network settings. But if you did (which only works on Debian and Ubuntu), you should fill in the correct values before you let ISPConfig rewrite the network configuration.

    It will give you an error - you need unique usernames.
  3. scottrill2

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    Cool I will shut off the DNS and Vserver services. Now if I can go back to the username issues for a moment.

    Is there a prefix available for "site" to where the prefix would be like [familysite]Jayd and [Jaydsite]jayd? Or I guess I could create a different client for the family site and for his site and then use [clientname]Jayd as his username.

    Is [CLIENTNAME] Case Sensitive btw?

    Finally if I do away with the prefixes all together and remove them, will it affect the symlink area under "server Config >web" where it lists "/var/www/[website_domain]/:/var/www/clients/client[client_id]/[website_domain]/" or are those coded separately or something?

    Thanks as always for the reply Falko,


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