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  1. mitsos

    mitsos New Member

    I'm trying to change the page title that's displayed when you are on the login page, as well as the client interface. No matter what I put into the file, it doesn't get changed.
    OS: Debian Linux 7.4
    webserver: nginx

    What I tried:
    reloading/restarting nginx
    chown ispconfig:ispconfig
    chmod 600
    file is in the same directory as the (/usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib)
    cleared browser cache
    forced reload of website
    tried different iceweasel (firefox) profile that didn't have the site cached
    Moved the SST closer so that it is within reach (Special Service Tool=Hammer). Servers always feel threatened by hammers for some strange reason. contents:
    //** Customizations
    define('ISPC_APP_TITLE', 'ABC');
    define('ISPC_APP_VERSION', 'X Y Z');
    Changing the two variables in works as expected, but it's my understanding that you shouldn't change that file, in case it is overwritten by an update.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You have to change that in Constants in PHP can not be overwritten at a later timepoint.
  3. mitsos

    mitsos New Member

    My bad then. I resolved this by not using the already defined constant. I really shouldn't change the file, since it could be overwritten in an upgrade. contents:
    //** Customizations
    define('ISPC_APP_TITLE_CUSTOM', 'ABC');
    define('ISPC_APP_VERSION_CUSTOM', 'X Y Z);
    $conf['app_title'] = ISPC_APP_TITLE_CUSTOM;
    $conf['app_version'] = ISPC_APP_VERSION_CUSTOM;
    Since (in theory) the same can be applied to all the constants in the original file, adding _CUSTOM and reconfiguring seems like the way forward, unless someone else has any other idea.

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