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    I'm new to Linux but would like to setup my own personal home server, I have a dynamic IP so i need to use a service like Below i will list what i would like to run on my server in hopes that someone could be kind enough to write a detailed step by step to help myself and likely others who would like a configuration like mine.

    OS: CentOS 5.5 x86_64
    CP: Kloxo (
    Two name servers: example - &
    Basic Web Host software: Based on whats included in the following servers (

    Special Software other then basic:
    Everything needed to setup iJab server (
    Everything need to setup video sharing (
    SMS Software such as ( or ( ) to work with Samba75 Modem
    Dynamic IP Service from or similar

    PS: Sorry for the crazy config but i really want to make a unit that will work for many applications..

    Thank You Guys Very Much in advance.. :)
  2. zcworld

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    looks like a lot of work, if i had my dsl link i would give it an go and see what i came up with ... but maybe ... its comes to down to how much i gotta to download for the centos OS
    im limited on the number of MB i can download now :( but maybe i will soon give it a go)
  3. zcworld

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    for cp:Kloxo there is about 350 mb of data itself to download
    and thats from an php installer script for Kloxo itself :(

    its looks like about 600 mb or more of packages that needed to be downloaded
    some of it i maybe able to write up an how to install but one of it ... nope ... but i will see what i can download from the DVD i install centos from and hope to the best..

    and for the basic Web Host software: Based on whats included in the following servers
    that itself will be hard to do,
    a lot of software and leg work to make sure its all works and so on
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  4. Mugzi

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    I really appreciate the effort, i've been going nuts trying to figure this out for a while.. I mean if you want a test unit to hack away at i can setup my unit and give you access, all you have to do is tell me what to download and how to give you access.. ;)
  5. zcworld

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    hi all
    just an quick post, i got the control panel side of things sorted out

    so far the time has taken is about 70 hrs lol
    is ouch ,

    a lot of debugging work, on my end to make life easier when i go to write the document on how to install it, so i don't have to be online, and re download the same old packages 30 to 60 times in the end

    at the time so far its about 600 mb per server of Control Panel packages, and about 300 mb of RPM packages that are download
    for EACH BOX

    in master mode, going to look at later on setting up slave node as well, to see what happens there

    for the rest of it, working on when i can

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