Completed first multi server installation some questions

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by yougotserved, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. yougotserved

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    Hi Guys

    Firstly a massive thankyou to all contributors s as it helped me to no end!

    Have installed 2 servers as a cluster (master and slave) server 1 has all available services and server 2 has all but email.

    im using 2 vps 1 from vpsdime and one on my azure account both are running debian 7 and im relatively new to linux as im normally in the microft camp due to being a .net dev

    replication etc all seem fine and everything appears to be working except the slave dns but that may just need time??

    My questions are:

    If my ip were to change do i simply just go in and modify the areas where it was entered eg in the sql replication or would this need a complete reinstall? (only need a simple answer to this its just a precaution if i scale the azure machine or move it all together)

    If i choose to add another clone server can this simply be added in using similar steps as detailed in the cluster tutorial?

    If i choose to add email to the secondary server is it as simple as installing it on the server and activating it on the panel?

    Dont need detailed answers on these as im currently searching the forum for answers just need some re assurance before i start putting sites on there :)
  2. till

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    Which tutorisl did you use to install the servers? We have different setup types and the setup type you used matters for the answers.
  3. yougotserved

    yougotserved New Member

    Thanks for the reply till i have trailed the forums and found out what i need to know :)

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