Complete System Backup of a ISPConfig 3 server

Discussion in 'General' started by The General, Jan 7, 2011.

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    I am running a ISPConfig 3 server in ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a software RAID 1. I am looking at using RESTORE-EE as a backup solution for the server. I would like to backup the entire system so in the event of complete system (or HDD) fail i can replace the drive(s) set up the partition information and install the system from a backup without having to go through the OS configuration process. I have a few questions if you could awnser them.

    (1) Is RESTORE-EE good for this?

    (2) Do i have to stop any services when the backup takes place?

    (3) If i stop MYSQL services, and do a full system backup do i still need use the a mysql backup option in RESTORE-EE or does it treat the MYSQL databases as a 'file'?

    The only reason i have posted here is i want to make sure that my backup of my ISPConfig installation will be reliable.

    Thanks Again for a suberb system and support
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