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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Desktop, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Desktop

    Desktop New Member

    Hi I'm new to ispconfig3 and find it very confusing after using 42go. I want to set up email addresses on clients websites which use the username and password I set up previously.

    In email >>> mailbox I can set up an account with pre-existing password, but can only access that mailbox with the email client username set to the email address e.g. [email protected]

    I need to set up mailboxes using previously set up usernames else every client would have to change their pop3 setting - can anyone help?
  2. Agent_M

    Agent_M Member

    To my understanding you would have to use the email address as the username, I don't think you can do it another way, but don't quote me, I could be wrong as I'm still fairly new to ispconfig myself.
  3. damir

    damir New Member

    42go:Ispconfig 2 and Ispconfig 3 is totally different systems and not compatible with each other. Ispconfig 3 is using sql virtual mail system and not linux username system as Ispconfig2.

    You need to use email address as login in Ispconfig 3.
  4. Desktop

    Desktop New Member

    This is going to be a big headache as I am migrating existing websites from a server with 42go and I would have to ask all existing customers to change the POP3 settings in their email client - Not a very clever idea!

    Unless anyone knows a fix I will have to consider going back to 42go.
  5. Agent_M

    Agent_M Member

    This is how the majority of email accounts are set up though, using email addresses as username. A company that I used to work for used usernames that were different to there email address, and when they upgraded their systems and started using the email address, they found that support calls from people asking what their username was dropped right off. Might be worth biting the bullet in the long run, perhaps migrate them in blocks. Chances are you'll have to do it at some stage ( unless you stay with 42go forever ).

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