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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by rippedradio, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Alright everyone I am a complete newbie to the Linux server and Linux in general. I used the manual for my install and my box is up and running BUT... I can not figure out how to get my name servers to work? I have used a how to tutorial here but I think I am missing something???? I have port 22,53 and 80 open in my router. I read somewhere that I need a glue file because both my name servers point to the same IP? but don't see an option in go daddy. I think I'm confusing myself more and more every day. I do have a dynamic IP Address from my ISP and if I get this up and running I plan to upgrade to there business plan but I want to be sure I can get everything working before I upgrade. I have checked the ports and 22,53 and 80 are verified open, my server responded to a ping. What am I missing I've done 5 days of research and still am confused? I'm pretty sure I'm just missing understanding something? Please Help! Thanks
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    Thanks, That is exactly what I did but the NS are not propagating? Is something wrong Server side?
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    test your local dns server like this:

    dig @localhost domain.tld

    just replace domain.tld with your own domain name and run the command on the shell of your server.

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