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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by teamjoc, Nov 6, 2008.

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    Hey there,

    As I have posted in the wrong section before, I copied it and write it down here in the (hopefully) correct section :D
    "e107 requires PHP to be installed or compiled with the MySQL extension to work correctly, please see the MySQL manual for more information."

    That's the message I got when I tried to install e107 on the webserver.
    I am on CentOS 5.2 Remote Desktop (kde)
    Anyway I don't think that doesn't matter, fact is: how to I compile that PHP with MySQL or whatever to like make e107 and other e107 based systems (like PHPNuke) work?

    I need this help very quick as I have made my clanmembers and recruits waiting for a very long time...

    Thanks in advance to all who helped me :)
  2. till

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    run the following command on the shell:

    yum install php-mysql

    if you get an error, the package might be named php5-mysql

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