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Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by aptnet, Nov 19, 2011.

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    I'm nearly complete on writing a guide for installing ubuntu server with samba, ldap, postfix, bind and zarafa:

    any chance i can have some feedback before i submit to howtoforge?

    The guide has been a few months in the making, with the pulling together of a lot of different guides and looking at other systems configs, which i'll accredit in the guide on completion. I've done the install and set-up countless times with this guide and whilst writing, so should be ok.

    I've got a few bits outstanding, which includes:
    MX records in dns files
    DHCPD configuration - with DDNS (bind config may give this element away already)
    Client Configuration
    User & Group Creation instructions
    server optimisation
    anti-spam/anti-virus config
    guide generator on my site for providing a customised version of this guide (+1 vote on howtoforge providing this feature to subscribed users)

    To be completely open: I am a (new) UK based partner for zarafa, but the focus is on running this freely with the other components.

    Thank you in advanced for your comments

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    with ISPConfig 3, you are well?


    I refer to your "howto" on the sync between ISPConfig 3 & Zarafa, did you also a tip for that?



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