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    It seems that essentially the code required to do things in ISPConfig GUI is the same as remoting except for the php validation logically remoting could simply make a call to the function rather than repeating the code.

    for example

    grappling to unify (and successfully unifying) these two files will potentially lead to less errors/bugs.

    There are many such incidents in /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/classes

    Possible the easiest solution....


    function Add_Kunde_remoting {
    1) code specific to remoting if any
    2) call to Add_Kunde
    function Add_Kunde_ispconfig {
    1) code specific to ispconfiggui if any
    2) call to Add_Kunde
    function Add_Kunde {
    unified procedure (SQL-DB Filesystem)

    Over time and versions aim to unify the three functions into two functions and if possible one universally compatible function where possible and logical
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  2. till

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    The code is not the same as the functions in ispconfig_isp_kunde.lib.php are called from ispconfig_kunde.lib.php.

    Please have a deepoer look at the famework to understand how it works. The functions in ispconfig_isp_kunde.lib.php validate the data and the functions in ispconfig_kunde.lib.php insert the data when the remoting fremework is used. When you use the interface, the data is inserted by the form manager.

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