Cname or A zone record which is better

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    hi guys,
    Whilst i do have bind installed on my server, i am using my registrars free dns pointing an A record at my google cloud instance. In setting up records for my own subdomains...I have 2 questions...

    Question 1

    Which is better to use in zone file records at registrar for to

    should i use an A record as follows
    www.subdomain. to ip address XX.XX.XX.XX

    or should i use a CNAME record? (which is better)

    Question 2
    Is there any advantage in using the installed Bind application on my google cloud debian server to control this? (i am starting to get quite a few entries at my registrar for my own subdomains)
  2. Hello,
    1)If you are going to use registrar's nameservers, then point A record of your subdomain to instance Ip and then point cname for www record to
    Like, (A) => (cname) =>

    Advantage is zone directly tells where to lookup for www record.

    2) Since you are going to use registrar's nameservers, there is no use of bind on server unless you wanted to host dns zone on servers for domains.
  3. adamjedgar

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    Yeah i am happy not to host dns on this gce instance, however i am wondering if there are many registrars who wont do free dns for domains. I dont want to lose clients because their registrar wont allow them to point an a record at webhosting server unless they pay extra (crazy domains, one od australias biggest registrars, were known to charge extra for this if webhosting was not also on their servers)
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    From my experience a lot charge extra...
  5. There was a time when registrars charging for dns hosting.. But now a days due to competition most of them have free dns hosting..

    Alternatively you can have separate dns server if there are clients who going to pay for dns service with registrar..

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