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    Hi Falko, Hi Till

    some more short questions concerning the cluster setup. In a step almost at the end of the setup, your cluster tutorial for squeeze says:
    scp -p /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/ [email protected]:/usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/
    While I like the idea of almost having a fully functional mirror, wouldn't this lead to duplicate entries / db errors if the dbispconfig1 database is replicated? Say, a new client is created on the master, the resulting db record would be inserted on the master, replicated to the slave and then via the mirroring function of ispconfig inserted again on the client?

    Have you ever tried running the ispconfig replication with ssl in case the mysql servers are ready to use ssl? In the I noticed that you have included the client_flags. Any reason you are not offering to enable ssl during setup? Or is this just something that you didn't investigate so far ;)?

    Thanks again for all your help,
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    No this wont happen as the mysql mirroring mirrors dbispconfig1 between the two servers while the ispconfg mirroring morrors data between dbispconfig1 and dbispconfig2.

    The option to enable ssl in mysql is broken in the ispconfig 3.0.5 series, the option to enable it was lost with the switch to the new mysqli db library. It is on the roadmap for to offer that option again.

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