cluster ispconfig 3 ip changed on master

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by -crisstm-, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. -crisstm-

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    Hi all!

    I make a cluster with ubuntu 11.04 and ispconfig 3, and on master server ip was changed.
    i make changes the new ip in /etc/hosts in /etc/network/interfaces and ISPConfig DNS too. But i have near 48 hour and does'nt work my websites.
    It Is another place where i must change the new ip?
    with "dig ns domain.tld" i see the new ip of the domain(master and slaves), but if i type "dig domain.tld" i see just IN A without any ip's. And mailserver work's fine until yesterday...i think because of master server with old ip. But now if i type "dig mx domain.tld" i get IN MX without ip, but ip address of mail server doesn't changed.
  2. -crisstm-

    -crisstm- Banned

    in this forum all ask, but no one offer the solution.
    i have found solution for my problem, solved.
    i changed all ip's on the master and slave servers manually in /etc/bind.
    there i found all zone files, and there i changed for new ip.
    them all is work well.
    thank's anyway
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    Either you did not change the IP address in every DNS record in the dns manager or you configured a wrong BIND directory in the server settings.

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