Cloning Ubuntu 8.04 Perfect Server

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    Hi all,

    I've got a build fairly similar to the Ubuntu 8.04 Perfect Server (LAMP+SSH+myPHPAdmin+Webmin+others) build that we're quite partial to where I work. I'd like to use this build as a standard for all servers. All of our Ubuntu instances are virtual machines, so the logistical side of the cloning question is a no-brainer..

    changing the hostname / IP address of a Ubuntu box is simple enough, but where else should I be looking to change when deploying a cloned (virtual) HDD? Some of the more obvious ones:

    vi /etc/hostname
    vi /etc/hosts
    dpkg-reconfigure postfix

    I assume renaming a cloned server will also break anything certificate related (OpenSSL, SSH, etc)?

    I've read about SystemImager, but its website isn't loading for me at the moment.. is it still being developed/supported?

  2. falko

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    You might also want to check your Apache configuration.

    Yes - if you care about warnings in browsers, you should recreate the certificates.

    The SF page is working ( ), but not their main page - not sure why...
    You might want to check out CloneZilla SE:

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