Cloning a ISPconfig vm snapshot in DigitalOcean

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by StefanoBertoli, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Hi all, trying to find a method to reduce time in reinstalling anytime a vm with a full functional ISPConfig

    Done a DO Snapshot and recreate vm changing hostname, I already seen some post here speacking about it and following it.

    I reported for completeness, but I found "old traces" I want to remove it to obtain a "clear like" vm.
    In that vm I only have a site domain corresponding at the hostname needed for LE certs and a catchall domain.
    search with command:
    find / -name "*old_host_name*"
    and with
    grep -R old_name /etc 2> /dev/null
    grep -R old_name /opt 2> /dev/null
    grep -R old_name /usr 2> /dev/null
    grep -R old_name /var 2> /dev/null
    What i find to already fix is:
    -AWStats don't work anymore, all athe files and content of that files stored in web/stat/ dir are referred to old hostname
    -PHP versions build from scratch: /usr/local/src/ and some binary php file, I think it's not problematic, just an indication of the hostname buildt the package. Also /opt/php-"version"
    -amavis keep bind address to old hostname, solved reading this: doing a dpkg-reconfigure amavis and modifing the section related to postfix/destination and postfix/mailname
    -letsencrypt: old thing can be erased after i relink postfix pureftp and interface certificates with the "newname" ones

    I don't know how to solve awstats without changing avery file name and content but other things seems to be ok.


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