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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by DrMartinus, Jan 3, 2021.

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    I have a family member (living about 300 km away, so I can't sit next to him) as client on my server. He has some wishes which I am not sure how I can help him using ISPConfig 3.

    1. He prefers SFTP over FTP (who doesn't nowadays)? It seems there is no straight way to enable this, is there? Is there anywhere a tutorial for setting this up for clients?
    2. The domain name is in the registering process, he would like to access the site beforehand. How would he do that, using the IP address? Generally, he would get the index page of the first site listed in the /var/www/-folder by trying to access the IP address.

    I probably need to give him shell access, but I don't want him to mess with the server. :) Would I have to create a new user with limited access? Or can I do that using ISPConfig? There is an option to create shell users, but there I'm uncertain which option to set in chroot shell. Either it gives him access only to his home space (which means not to the web space /var/www/..., right?) or to areas by permission, which seems risky. Furthermore, would I still need to create the user on the server in order to make this access possible, or is it sufficient to do that using ISPConfig?

    But I stumbled already at the field "Username" on the "Create Shell User" page. There it says "[CLIENTNAME]" and then there is a field where I should give an extension to that Clientname. But I can't change that "[CLIENTNAME]" thing, and if I move on, it inserts there my username and not the client's.

    Sorry for asking these questions, but sometimes it's just because I don't graps the concept behind the interface, and I need someone to help me to get it right. Thanks!

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  2. Th0m

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    Create a SSH user with jailkit enabled. Then he can login with SFTP. This can be done from the UI.

    for 2: see
  3. DrMartinus

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    You mean creating the SSH user? I mentioned that I cannot choose a username. I have the field [CLIENTNAME] which I can not change, and then a field where I can add some extension to the CLIENTNAME. When I change to the options tab, ISPConfig says there is no username and inserts my user ID in the field where before it said [CLIENTNAME]. I don't want him to use my ID for that...
    I try to create the user from the tab "Sites", Commandline/Shell users. Maybe that's the wrong pülace? I don't find another...
  4. till

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    You can change or remove username prefixes under System > Interface > main config. But having a user prefix is recommended in case you have more than one client on a server as it prevents username collisions.
  5. DrMartinus

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    Agreed. I don't want to change the prefix. I want it to be the client's user name. However, I can not set that when trying to add a new SSH user, and the system always puts in my user name, which I don't want my clients to use.
  6. till

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    The system uses the username of the client as prefix which owns the website. So if your user name is used, then you probably assigned the website to your own user instead of the client.
  7. DrMartinus

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    Ok, I tried it again, now it worked. Even though I did the same things as yesterday ... (at least according to my memory).

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