1. Not sure if anyone has run across this before...

    My scenario:

    I set a template for clients. In that template, I specified a 2000 MB mailbox limit. I constructed a client using that template, and built 6 mailboxes for that client, each with a 250 MB limit. Because of space needs, I went in to that client and set the template back to Custom, and Mailbox quota to -1 (unlimited). I then went into each mailbox for that client and set the mailboxes' Quota each to 0 (signifying unlimited). However, each individual mailbox still has a quota enforced when it reaches the old 250 MB limit. I've checked the database tables client (for client quota) and mail_user for individual quota, and both are set appropriately. I've also rebooted the server thinking maybe a cf file or something had to be regenerated by the service. No-go.

    Any ideas? Are there any files in the system I can check where these quota numbers are fed to another service?

    I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 and ISPConfig
  2. Update

    After further investigation...

    Courier's quota file per mailbox "/var/vmail/[domain]/[user]/maildirsize" does not get changed when the mailbox is updated through the ISPConfig control panel.

    Or at least, I've confirmed that it does not get changed or deleted when the user's quota is set to unlimited. I haven't tried just specifying another value to see if that replaces the existing.

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