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Discussion in 'General' started by gdavid, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Hi. I'm new to myDNS and to MyDNSconfig. Excellent software! Thanks.
    At the moment everything works, but I can't succceed in assign zones to my clients.
    I saw that when I assign a zone to a particular client, the sys_userid field in db changes according to the client (i.e. "2" if the client id is "2"), but sys_perm_user doesn't. I manually have to alter te field to 'riud' value to the modification has effect and to let the client read, update, insert and delete the zone. The same for DNS record entries.
    Furthermore, if I remove the assignement of a zone to the client, the sys_perm_user field doesn't go back to "0" to let only the admin manage that zone.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction to understand how to let this feature works?

    myDNS version ->
    myDNSConfig version -> 3.0.1

  2. gdavid

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    Maybe I found the answer.
    - All the domains in my db was imported from external sources, and the importing utility (mydnsimport) does NOT set the permissions. So nobody but the admin can do anything on that entries until you manually set to "riud" the permissions as I described in my previous post.
    - MyDNSConfig seems to work with group criteria rather than with user criteria. So when you assign a domain to a user, MyDNSConfig change only the sys_groupid value in the db.
    So, you can create more users in a same group and manage the DNS zones belonging to that group.
    I'm a little bit confused about relations between "Clients" and "Groups". Creating a client seems tho be only a "shortcut" to create a user and group at the same time ...
    Hope it helps.


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