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    When clients want to add ftp users they have to make sure that they don't add a subdomain onto their domain, because currently it errors out. For instance if you have a ftp user for the domain '' and you try to ftp into '' it will fail.


    Be very careful with this because as of right now ssh does not restrict users to their folders. An ssh user will be able to easily leave their directory and have atleast read access to all of the other clients, also they will be able to have standard user ssh access into your server.

    I'll look into restricting this kind of access once I find out which ssh deamon is being used.
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    FTP Logins are not domain dependant. As long as the domain points to the IP of the server, they are able to login.

    User restriction is all implemented, you cans elect this when you creaet a SSH user. Just make sure that you have jailkit installed if you choose jailkit or that your SSH daemon is patched to support chrooting if you use ssh chroot.

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