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  1. teves

    teves Member

    Hello all,

    I am planning to program an ISPConfig 3 plugin for creating customer form letters providing all access info and credentials.

    The challenge:
    When creating new customer accounts and/or webs, emails, databases etc. (for customers), I always have to create new passwords and store them manually, so I can provide my client with a letter containing all access data and credentials.
    I want a tool that can do this automatically.

    I know that no readable password information is stored by ISPConfig, so I developed the following concept:
    I will add a plugin to any editor of ISPConfig that writes credential information, encrypt it as securely as possible and then write it to the database.
    So the plugin will be able to create letters containing the credential info of a certain user or web.

    So far, I wish to implement the following features:
    - password storage with strong encryption
    - an individual password will be created during installation of plugin
    - creating PDF documents with customer information / credentials
    - simple document editor (this will only allow to switch on/off usage of certain information in the output document)
    - download/show document or send to customer via email
    - multilanguage support with language editor

    I'd love to get feedback from you all; what do you think of the plan; who would want / need such a tool, what features would you suggest! Please write!

    Kind regards, Tom
  2. ressel

    ressel Member


    I would find this very useful, in ISPConfig2 I loved the way I easy could send login information by mail to the control panel to the customer, but this plugin sounds even better.

    Tell me, if there is someway I can help you make this plugin possible.
  3. teves

    teves Member

    Oops, sorry guys, I somehow missed the replies here....

    Well I just wish to let you all know that I am still working on this. There is a basic version running already. Nearly all features listed in my first post are already implemented.

    The most important part still missing is the document editor; at this point you can only print letters with my own logo and address, which is pretty useless.
    Also, I still have to do a lot of bug fixing and testing.
    But I hope to release the first version in about a month.

    Regards, Tom
  4. bolivar

    bolivar New Member

    You have stopped the development of this add-on? A year has passed. Do not share operating time? Really miss this functional ...
  5. teves

    teves Member


    no, developement is not stopped, but, well, suspended.

    Basically, we had started developement because we needed the functionality ourselves. Back then we planned to donate the tool to the community, but when I got nearly no reply to my initial posting I thought that maybe noone finds it interesting.

    Developement continued anyway, and when some of our customers had the need for a tool like that, so we sold it to them. That's why I cannot give it away for nothing now.

    I'd still love to give something back to the community if there's a need for this tool, but I will have to discuss it with the sales department first (what would you think if you bought something and a bit later you hear that it is given away for free?).
    Maybe we can provide a different 'comunity' version.

    Regarding the features mentioned in my initial post: they are all ready and working, except for sending documents directly to the customer. There are even new features not mentioned before: most of all, I have implemented an overview page that allows to view all 'possessions' of a client.

    Still, to my mind there are some features missing, and it could use some more testing also.

    What I'd like to know from you (and from everyone interested in the documentation tool) is at what scope you are planning to use it. Is it private or business, hosting or on premises?
    What features would you be needing, and which could be spared?

    Please give feedback!

    Kind regards,
  6. bolivar

    bolivar New Member

    Small hosting server for a small company, yet a bit. But in principle, willing to pay for your work commensurate fee. Hands to gather information for a client tiring, especially if you need to document it.

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