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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by simplyworks, Jul 25, 2006.

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    I created a client required certificate to protect the Intranet folder on the web site, so the employees do not need to remember a password to access the intranet from home. They just install the certificate. This is the last piece I needs to move to the new server. (Fedora Core 5 with ISPconfig)

    The problem is, I created a folder call "intranet" in /root/ispconfig/openssl/ssl/
    I then install my cacert.pem and made the change in the apache config file to include the webapp.d file.

    This file contains the folder directive to require the client certificate
    <directory "/xxx/xxx/xxx/intranet">
    SSLVerifyClient require
    SSLCAcertificateFile /root/ispconfig/openssl/ssl/intranet

    When I restart ispconfig, I get an error stating I can not put the ssl in this location.

    So, I tried /etc/ssl/intranet and got the same result.

    Where do I need to install this cacert.pem in the folder stucture?

  2. till

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    Is your intranet folder on the ISPConfig webserver on port 81 or on your "normal" webserver port 81 / 443 ?
  3. simplyworks

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    The folder in the normal port 80 / 443. The folder path is /home/www/web4/web/intranet

    I firewall port 81 from outside our network.

    The employees just go to

  4. till

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    Have you tried to put the SSL cert i file in the directory /home/www/web4/ssl/?

    if thsi:

    must be included in the vhost, you can copy it in the apache directives window of the ISPConfig website, then ISPConfig will add it to the vhost for you.

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