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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by dendic, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. dendic

    dendic New Member

    I am new admin, on old mail server I have installed postfix,phamm and script
    I want to rip mails phamm not cleaned enough.Do I need enter in the desired domain and there starts this cleaner script or do it from the root folder? In short how to use the cleaner script.Please your advice or short tutorial for use
  2. fbartels

    fbartels New Member

    As bash scripts are most of the time very individual stuff (your forerunner probably wrote it himself) it may be wise to post the contents of this script hiere to get feedback on what it does and how it can be improved.
  3. dendic

    dendic New Member

    example:nedd erase mail

    [email protected]

    What to type?




    What is common practice?
  4. dendic

    dendic New Member


    #Copyright ...Alessandro De Zorzi and Mirko Grava
    #Phamm is free...
    #This file must be in path vmail/bin

    touch $OUTPUT#find mail to delete...
    #create file for awk....
    #find domain to delete...
    #create file for awk...
    #execute and delete temporary files...
    chmod 700 $OUTPUT
    #rm -rf "/tmp/mb* "/tmp/vd* $OUTPUT
  5. fbartels

    fbartels New Member

    ah seems to be a component of phamm ( From what you have posted from the script it can simply be executed from its normal location (e.g. /path/to/ if the location of the script is in your PATH variable you can also just execute

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