Clean Fedora 7 server with: Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Ruby

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    This howto (if it's gonna be written) will be big. good luck there falko ;)

    Oke. this is my idea with this setup. When you install Fedora 7 as a server it still installs _alot_ of junk that you really don't need. including some X11 things. My suggestion is to make a Fedora 7 (or 8 when that's out) article that removes all the crap out of fedora that you don't need for a server anyway and than to install the following software:

    Apache (2.2.4) or Lighttpd? (and don't forget to enable mod_rewrite: "AllowRewrite: All" in httpd.conf)
    PHP (5.2.3 is in the testing repo)
    MySQL (5.0.45)
    PostgreSQL (8.2.4)
    Ruby (1.8.6) (perhaps also the "on rails" extension with version: 1.2.3)

    I would this because it's something different than just a server installation howto. this really adds some value to it. And i added Ruby(on rails) and postgresql to the list because some people would also like postgresql and ruby is gaining popularity all the time so that deserves to get in a server now.

    Another good thing is to add ISP Control in it as well if that fits with the above list.

    I hope this is good enough for a Howto. it will be HUGE to write just because of the rpm list that can be removed if you want a server install.

    perhaps also a good idea for a spinn-off?
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