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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by makensy13, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. makensy13

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    Config: Debian Lenny x64, ISPConfig

    Here is the message received from the monitoring console:

    Received signal: wake up
    Wed Feb 9 9:25:41 2011 -> ClamAV update process started "at Fri Feb 9 9:25:41 2011
    Wed Feb 9 9:25:41 2011 -> WARNING: Your ClamAV installation IS OUTDATED!
    Wed Feb 9 9:25:41 2011 -> WARNING: Local version: 0.96.5 Recommended version: 0.97

    Is this normal? What should he do?

    Thank you

  2. till

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    Nothing, as the antivirus database on your system is up to date. When the debian package maintainers have tested the new clamav release and when the think that it is stable enough, they will release a new clamav package.
  3. makensy13

    makensy13 New Member

    It is OK
    Till thank you

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