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    I notice in my logs that ClamAV has a new version:

    Jun 9 13:00:38 website freshclam[4999]: Local version: 0.93 Recommended version: 0.93.1
    Jun 9 13:00:38 website freshclam[4999]: DON'T PANIC! Read

    So, I guess I'm asking is there an update procedure for ISPConfig or is this too new? Is there a package we should be using?

    Or, do I just go ahead and do the apt-get update? Thinking about ISPConfig, and the way it controls each web site, I'm looking for someone who knows... :confused:


  2. Ben

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    apt-get won't help because ISPConfig is compiling Clamav his own, but I am pretty sure Falko and Till will release and update for that soon.

    Edit to do it yourself, follow the instructions of thread
    (except the compile !)

    NOW replace the clamav-0.93.tar.gz with current one: and change
    the following line of file "compile"

    Now you may run compile

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