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    In my 2 ISPConfig installations chrooted SSH login did not work. I did not bother much as websites are managed through web interface. Right now, for some security reasons I want to use it. I tried to upgrade jailkit from 2.14 to 2.16 and I could login as chrooted user !. However my happiness did not last long, I noticed that I couldnot access web directory. there is home directory and under it there is a web directory (like /home/web198) however it is empty. I guess it should be a symbolic link to web folder, but it is not. Any help will be appreciated.
    ISPCOnfig version :
    OSes on two servers: ubuntu linux 12.04 and 11.10
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    That correct. This is the home directory of the user and not the web directory. Like every ssh user, also a jailed sh user has a home directory were he can place private files.

    There shall be no symbolic link in that directory.

    The public website directory is /web when you logged in as jailed user.
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    thank you for quick reply. I saw that, this is not an issue for the users created after jailkit upgrade. In previous ones I could not run 'ls' on root directory. Anyway, old ones are deleted and I created new users. Thanks again

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