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Discussion in 'General' started by vbhubeny, Nov 25, 2006.

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    I have got the next messages after installation Uebimiau Webmail.

    Testing inc/config.php
    (if the script stops here, there are a parse problem with your file, eg you have misstyped some " ou ;, try getting a fresh copy and re-editing it)

    - Testing your $temporary_directory variable... FAILED
    The path given in $temporary_directory points to a folder that is no writable
    The user wich your webserver runs on (apache in *nix or IUSR_name in windows) MUST have rights to create folder and files
    on this directory. try chmod or Properties dialog
    - Testing your PHP version... PASSED

    - Testing your memory limits... PASSED

    - Testing server installation... PASSED

    Then I executed: chmod 666 /tmp/uebimiau , but it doesn't help enough.

    What is the right syntax to chmod config.php ?

    Thanks for replay, Vladimir
  2. falko

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    Where exactly did you get these messages? How did you try to install Uebimiau?

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