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  1. Lord_Garfield

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    Is cherokee on centos 6.3 still a good choice for dynamic websites? (PHP)

    I read that lighttpd and nginx are verry fast and low memory servers but are best for static pages.

    Apache is old and from what I read it seems to be slower in static pages but a little bit fast with php. But it usses allot more memory.

    For cherokee I read that it is abandoned. Some comparisons charts say it is slower but the use a version of cherokee like 0.X.X. It has a 1.2.X version today.

    I probably only run owncloud and a custum made php application on the server so it will work just fine with about anything. But I alway's try to get the best!

    Kind regards.
  2. falko

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    If you are new to webservers, go for Apache because ownCloud has .htaccess files that work with Apache out of the box. If you use another webserver, you have to translate the .htaccess content into valid configuration syntax for the chosen server first. This is normally no problem if you know the server (for example, I do this each day for nginx), but not for a newbie.

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