Chening from Sendmail to Postfix - be gentle

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by andrewfeberwee, Sep 8, 2009.

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    Changing from Sendmail to Postfix - be gentle

    Hi Guys,

    I am a complete Postfix newbie so go easy cos the docos are a bit hard for me to follow

    I currently have a sendmail/sasl/cyrus setup which has been working successfully for some time. I would like to change over to postfix without damaging the current mailboxes or environment and retaining the current functionality - send/receive mail, access mail system from outloook/thunderbird/pda from external sites

    My system is Opensuse 11 and I run my own DNS

    I pointer at a real idiots guide to doing this would be appreciated. Last time I had a go , could not only not get Postfix going but I had to rewrite my sendmail conf (what a pain)

    Thanks all
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  2. meeso

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    I TOTALLY feel you on the sendmail conf.. What language is that thing written in anyway?!

    Postfix is about the easiest thing to setup so long as you use MySQL as your backend. It makes administration a breeze.

    I personally used the howtoforge tutoral on Postfix/Amavis/Spamassasin/MySQL etc.. I use dovecot vs. couirer just because I hear Dovecot can handle larger IMAP folders, but eh, who knows.

    Your big milestone is going to be figuring out what POP/IMAP server Postfix is going to hand your mail off to.. Once you get that down you will need to see what it's going to be like either transitioning from that mail platform (if you're using Sendmail as your virtual MTA too then God help you).

    I really think you'll be best off developing a completely new server with a brand new postfix/courier (or dovecot) with mysql solution and Migrating your people to it slowly.... I'm sure the brighter minds here will have better words of wisdom!

    - Chris
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    Are you using system users or virtual users right now for your email accounts? Maildir or mbox?

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