Chaning the way ispconfig behaves with different setup changes

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Section58, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Hello, sorry knowing my luck this will be the wrong place to post this.

    This question is for distro wide. However I am testing this on Debian 8.0 (there version number is unrelated) but I was trying with latest stable.

    I am interesting in understanding the way to change ispconfig to reconfigure to new server setups

    An example would be:

    I don't want to use apache anymore, and use nginx instead. How can I allow ispconfig to understand this change


    I no longer want to use a server as a dns server. How can I stop ispconfig from offering me dns services on the server that has no dns server.

    I use multi server and single server setups.

    The options I would like to have are only available in a new installation (as i have tried an upgrade and i can only reconfigure services it thinks i have, and not pick a fresh group)

    Please advise

    Regards Steve
  2. ItsDom

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    It's better to have the setup you want when you install ISPConfig - it configures various bits for you during the install. Something such as jailkit can't really be practically installed after ISPconfig without a reinstall.

    Moving from apache -> nginx might easier to just remove ISPC, remove apache, install nginx, reinstall ISPC.

    If you just want to disable some services, you can do that through the control panel:
    System > Server Services > your.server
    Untick the services you don't want anymore.

    I don't think this removes the services, just disables them.

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