Changing 'web' to 'public' for new sites?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Leftblank, Aug 25, 2009.

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    I'm playing with mod_rails and ISPConfig, which seems to be sort of working so far. One of the problems I'm facing is that I have to define the public dir for every vhost, as mod_rails expects the public directory to be named 'public' and not 'web' - like most control panels handle it.

    I've tried looking through the ISPconfig server config file, but I haven't found a setting regarding this, so I'm wondering, is it possible at all to automagically use 'public' instead of 'web' for new sites?
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    The website file directory in ispconfig is named web and not public. By the way, a loz of controlpanels name it web and other name it public_html. The name of the directory can not be configured, you have to change the sources if you want to change it.
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    That's what I said, ye ;)
    Ye correct, but it'd be helpful for mod_rails and other third party options to configure the name of the directory I suppose.

    However, I'm curious if it would be possible for me to alter the .vhost template that is used to add the following line with the right foldername;
    PassengerAppRoot /var/www/

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