Changing URL address to my squirrelmail

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by belmont, Jul 28, 2009.

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    Create a website and install a copy of squirrelmail into this website.
  3. belmont

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    Thanks.. It works...

  4. belmont

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    Ok I got the Squirrelmail login, but I am not able to login.

    This is what I did after creating a new site

    1) I check the boxes of PHP Scripts and Mailuser login
    2) I create a new account through my terminal
    useradd -s /sbin/nologin newuser
    passwd newuser
    3) I create a new email account in ISP Manager / MyMainSite / Site Management - host (webmail) - User&Email called newuser
    4) I send a email called Welcome to [email protected]. I did verified that the email did arrive in /var/www/web9/web/newuser/Maildir/new folder

    I use the same username and password that I use when creating the account with useradd.

    My /var/log/ said

    Jul 28 15:07:35 server2 imapd: LOGIN FAILED,
    [email protected], ip=[::ffff:]
    Jul 28 15:07:40 server2 imapd: LOGOUT, ip=[::ffff:],
    rcvd=60, sent=332
    Jul 28 15:07:43 server2 imapd: LOGOUT, ip=[::ffff:],
    rcvd=30, sent=470

    I have 2 sites under MyMainSite. I have www and webmail. I follow the same process in www site and webmail site. I only can log into www site which is The reason I created the webmail site so that is will be easier to get into squirrelmail.

    Why I can log into email account I created in www but not webmail sites?

    Help please
  5. falko

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    If you use the normal SquirrelMail package for your webmail site, you must log in with the correct username, e.g. web1_username, instead of using the email address. The SquirrelMail package for ISPConfig was patched to allow email addresses for the login.
  6. belmont

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    I am aware of that. I remove the setting in Management - System Config - Settings - ISP Manager - User Prefix Web[WEBID]_ setting so I do not have to put web10_username. I am able to log into the squirrelmail at only, but not site.

    I removed my 2 sites www and webmail and my Client Account. Empty my trash bin. Then I put back the Management - System Config - Setting - ISP Manager - User Prefix Web[WEBID]_ setting. I then recreate the Client Account and my 2 sites www and webmail. This time I have to use web11_username to log into Squirrel mail. I can log into the, but not

    I would like to use the to log into the squirrel mail because its easier and cleaner. I am sure this is possible.

    Any Idea?
  7. till

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    The username prefix has nothing to do with the webmail URL.

    Sure, and the answer is still #2 of this thread.

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